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May 2009

Zune Green Room Trailer With Chester French

Usher – What’s A Guy Gotta Do feat. Pharrell & Justin Timberlake

UPDATE: May 25th
Remember Justin Timberlake worked with The Neptunes on some tracks that never came out in 2003. One was titled “What’s A Guy Gotta Do” well, this is one of the tracks they did. Here is the Full Track since its an old tune.

What’s A Guy Gotta Do (Legal Title)
BMI Work #6224674
Hugo Charles Edward
Timberlake Justin
Williams Pharrell


Pharrell, Chad and Justin Timberlake Playin The Piano
This Is the track they were doing 7 years ago while working on Justified.

May 23rd
Another Usher & Neptunes collabo just leaked onto the net called “What’s A Guy Got To Do“. This might be a track off Usher’s new album that we’ve seen pics months ago with Adam Levine & The Neptunes In The Studio working on it, it seems like the track ain’t finished yet.

The Neptunes Working On A Movie Score (Pics)

posted some pics of him and an Orchestra working on a Movie Score on his blog. Could this be the work for the Zoom Score That Busta Was All Hyping About or is this something else.
“There is a first time for everything. I’m working on a new project for a movie which I can’t discuss yet but I got to work with an orchestra for the first time. It’s crazy that we haven’t done it before and I can’t wait to share it with you guys”


Upcoming Neptunes Score Projects

Square Grouper (2009) (TV) (HBO, Adult Swim, Rakontur Films)
Limelight (2009) (TV) (ABC)
Street Dreams (2009) (TV)
Zoom (2010) (Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment)
Voltron – Defender Of The Universe (2010)
Joel Silver & Pharrell Williams Project (2010)

Lupe Fiasco & The Neptunes In The Studio


Update: May 25th
Krayzie Bone
from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has joined Lupe & The Neptunes in the studio. Krayzie Bone arrived to the studio……..oh Boy yes he is here with Lupe Fiasco and the Neptunes…woaaaaaa, In the studio with Lupe Fiasco…..Pharell is Still a beast! Krayzie you need to get on this song tonite! Fire!! Thanks To


Update: May 22nd
Yup It’s confirmed, Lupe Fiasco has The Neptunes on his new album, according to NERD Twitter.
New Lupe x Neptunes track is so dope! Lu killed itMay 21st:
It looks like The Neptunes are working with Lupe Fiasco for his third album Lasers (2009) according to NERD’s Twitter, or is it a CRS project ?
Chase Chad walks into the studio… P and Lupe in the room. Chea!
about 18 hours ago from web”

Clipse – Kinda Like A Big Deal feat. Kanye West (Behind The Scenes)

The Neptunes Remixing Busta Rhymes’ “World Go Round”

busta-rhymesAccording to Busta Rhymes, The Neptunes are remixing Busta’s “World Go Round”. The Main track is produced by Jelly Roll and it features Estelle. Thanks to Skateboard.


Pusha T.’s Soundtrack Of Life

When I take a break from the recording studio, I like to ride around Virginia Beach, Va., Bumping (1)”Looking at the Front Door” and (2)”What’s Beef?” Those are two songs that made me the rapper I ­am today. I know we make more lyrically skilled songs, but I respect some pop-rap records. Would you believe that I was totally entertained by the whole MC Hammer era? (3)”U Can’t Touch This“? I thought that was gettin’ busy onstage. [Hammer] even had the gumption to face New York with those pants and that vest with his chest open [laughs]! I know Malice really enjoys rock music. He says he can play The Killers’ Sam’s Town in the shower until the water turns cold. (4)”Uncle Jonny” is his favorite. R&B-wise, Teddy Riley is the coldest. His new-jack-swing cuts make me happy as shit. Guy’s (5)”Groove Me” can get me through anything during the day. It’s nice out today, so we’re about to have a cookout. I’m about to turn on (6)”Jamming” and make some jerk chicken and drink a Red Stripe.

Pusha T.s Playlist

1. Main Source’s jazz-tinged breakup anthem from their classic debut, Breaking Atoms (Wild Pitch, 1991).
2. The Notorious B.I.G. kicks serious knowledge about what true trouble is all about (Bad Boy, 1997).
3. MC Hammer introduced the world to parachute pants and unfathomable dance moves (Capitol, 1990).
4. From The Killers’ acclaimed sophomore album, Sam’s Town (Vertigo/Island, 2006).
5. The suits Teddy Riley and company wore for the cover of their debut album, Guy (MCA, 1988),were shinier than anything Puff Daddy and Mase ever donned.
6. One of the epic songs Bob Marley and The Wailers recorded in England after an assassination attempt on Marley, December 3, 1976 (Tuff Gong, 1977).


Chester French Want To Be James Brown, Antenna Summer 09′ Issue

chester-french-antenna-summer-09Chester French have been featured on the Cover of Antenna Summer 09′ Issue and did a  interview with There are a lot of things you can become after graduating Harvard – a doctor, lawyer or entrepreneur – but a rock star? Not likely. But D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey, recent grads who make up the pop duo Chester French, are taking an unconventional route with their Ivy League education. Instead of working a 9-to-5 or continuing their studies, they’re busy promoting their debut CD, “Love The Future,” released last month. “We want to be James Brown, we want to be like Led Zeppelin,” Wallach, the group’s vocalist, said. Wallach and Drummey, both 24, studied African-American studies and social anthropology, respectively, when attending Harvard. Wallach, who’s from Milwaukee and Drummey, of Boston, graduated in 2007 and began their career as full-time musicians soon after. “We were just dudes who hung out in the studio all the time making our records and once we finished what we thought of as the first draft of our album, we started sending it around to a million different people,” Wallach said.

“With great serendipity near the end of our senior year, a number of threads connected and we ended up getting opportunities to work with Kanye (West), Pharrell, Jermaine Dupri (and) Pete Wentz,” he said. Though they were courted by all of those heavyweights, they chose Pharrell’s Star Trak label to release their debut CD. They say Pharrell promised to not hinder their creativity. “People might think he would want to exert a lot artistic control, but what he liked was that we were self-contained, and we were producing and engineering and writing everything ourselves,” Wallach said. Their debut disc is a retro-pop mix with soul and rock influences. “We made it in our dorm basement,” said Drummey, who arranged the CD and plays the guitar. The band hopes to appeal to fans who appreciate all genres of music. “We always looked up to acts like Beck or OutKast, who similarly defy categorization but always have a consistent quality to what they do,” Wallach said.


Clipse ~ Interview

When it comes to rhyming about the glamorous and gritty life of dealers-ternt-rappers, The Clipse are among hip-hop’s elite. Thinking beyond the beats and bars, Malice and Pusha T. realized that they weren’t just the dynamic duo of drug rap, but also fashion trendsetters. Their clothing line, Play Cloths, debuted at MAGIC in 2008 and has been causing chatter amongst fashion fiends ever since. With their third proper album, “Til The Casket Drops,” on the horizon and moments before rocking NYC’s Webster Hall, the Brothers Thornton got with StreetLevel to discuss soaking up game from Pharrell Williams and A Bathing Ape’s Nigo, avoiding the rapper-with-a-clothing-line cliché and what the hell a “Tokyo Buffoon” is.


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