It looks like Love Letter To The Beat is Alicia Keys‘ leftover from her 2007 album ‘As I Am‘ but the first version didn’t have Lupe on the tune, so it might be Lupe’s tune now, time will tell, oh and yeah I think The Neptunes produced the Horn Synth tune and not just Pharrell because Lupe said months ago that there will be Two Neptunes tracks on the album so Horn Synth is prolly the second one.

Lupe Fiasco – Horn Synth feat. Pharrell (Snippet)

Lupe & Alicia Keys – Love Letter To The Beat (Chad Hugo)

Updated: April 25th
Two New Neptunes Tracks from Lupe’s L.A.S.E.R.S. (Love.Allways.Shines.Everytime. Remember.the Smile.) are lurking around the net, one is called Horn Synth produced by Pharrell and the other one is called Love Letter To The Beat produced by Chad Hugo which is featuring Alicia Keys but that has to be confirmed yet anyways check your favourite blog for the mp3’s or go to the forum. We’ll get a release date for L.A.S.E.R.S. (Love.Allways.Shines.Everytime. Remember.the Smile.) next week according to Lupe himself, are you ready for the Fiasco!?

Lupe Fiasco – L.A.S.E.R.S. (Love.Allways.Shines.Everytime. Remember.the Smile.) (2010)
Producers & Guest: King David (5), The Neptunes (4), Soundtrakk (1), Danjahandz (1), 1500 Or Nothin’(1), Kenna, Candy Pie, Pooh Bear, Kid Cudi…
Confirmed Tracks:
– I’m Beaming (The Neptunes)
– Untitled feat. Krayzie Bone (The Neptunes)
– What U Want feat. Kenna
– Horn Synth feat. Pharrell (Pharrell Williams)
– Love Letter To The Beat (Chad Hugo)