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No Malice

Erick Sermon – Go feat. No Malice, Try Bishop & Kaelyn Kastle (19′)

New York rapper/producer Erick Sermon just released his eight studio album titled ‘Vernia’ where he collaborated also with No Malice on the tune ‘Go’, check out the tune below and get it on iTunes!

Mark Steele – Grace Of God feat. No Malice (Official Video) (2018)

No Malice – Let’s Die (Official Video) (2017)

Here is No Malice’s new video ‘Let’s Die’ from his new album titled ‘Let The Dead Bury The Dead’ directed by himself, make sure to cop the album on iTunes.

No Malice x Interview, Talks New Album

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“This world is going to eat itself,” says No Malice with a straight face during a recent press run in New York City. He’s referring to the turmoil in world that is projected on every smartphone, laptop and TV screen these days. It’s the Virginia poet’s second go around on his own, well not completely solo, he credits a small circle of folks with similar beliefs (his Reinvision squad), and of course, God, as his “new team.” No major record label or yes men — just a man and his words.

“I don’t be trying to fish for old listeners,” says the loving father/rapper about his new material. “I’m true to myself and true to how I feel. Producers Profound Sounds out of Virginia really helped me go places I felt I’ve never been before [musically]. They made me reach in different pockets.”



No Malice – Let The Dead Bury The Dead (Tracklist & Release Date), ‘So Woke’ (Official Video) (2017)

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No Malice is ready to release his second studio album Let The Dead Bury The Dead. It was only a few years a go where the hip hop community dealt with the harsh reality that the Clipse wouldn’t be making another album together. While Pusha-T’s solo career led him to universal critical acclaim and a position as G.O.O.D Music’s new president, No Malice went another route. Vouching to stray from talking about drug dealing and the topics that were based on him and his brother’s past, No Malice decided to be on a much more conscious path especially after being making the decision to be a born-again Christian.

While he doesn’t do the same type of music that Clipse fans grew up loving, the new path of music he’s following shows another side of the coin. Back in June, he released the song “So Woke” and now he delivers the chilling visuals to the song directed by Jay McCord and himself. The song discusses many social issues and ties it together with religion, society, government and more. He still delivers in the same confidence as he did when he was in the Clipse but you could tell that No Malice is reaching past making good hip hop music to really using it as a platform to deliver a message. No Malice’s long awaited Let The Dead Bury The Dead album is finally dropping on August 18th, Pre-Order it now on iTunes, check out the Official Tracklist and the video below.

No Malice – So Woke (Official Video) (2017)

No Malice – Fake News (Official Video) (2017)

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No Malice – Let The Dead Bury The Dead (2017) (August 18)

01 – #Ltdbtd (Intro)
02 – Fake News
03 – Lu.4:5
04 – Jesus Christ
05 – So Woke
06 – Why Cry
07 – Sky Crack
08 – Done & Said
09 – Shame On Me
10 – Let’s Die

No Malice – Fake News (17′)

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No Malice just dropped his new single titled ‘Fake News’ off his new album ‘Let The Dead Bury The Dead’ which is expected to arrive later this Summer, make sure to cop the single on iTunes and check it out below. “Basically, the concept of the album is, instead of getting caught up with what everyone else is doing,” No Malice said in an interview with Rapzilla last year, “I just want to show people that I don’t have anyone to keep up with. … You don’t have to be in competition with everyone. Just be the best you that you can be because ‘let the dead bury the dead.’ This rat race is always going to go on.”

No Malice – Fake News (17’)

No Malice Teases ‘#FakeNews’ From Forth Coming Album ‘Let The Dead Bury The Dead’


Mike E – New Life feat. No Malice (Official Video) (2016)

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Former member of The Neptunes and Teddy Riley protege Mike E teamed up with No Malice on “New Life“, the title track from his new EP titled New Life, get it now on iTunes.

No Malice – Jesus Christ (16′)

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No Malice is back with a new single called ‘Jesus Christ’, ‘Let The Dead Bury The Dead’ is coming soon, stay tuned for more information.

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