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April 2010

Lupe Fiasco – Horn Synth & Love Letter To The Beat (The Neptunes) (Update)

It looks like Love Letter To The Beat is Alicia Keys‘ leftover from her 2007 album ‘As I Am‘ but the first version didn’t have Lupe on the tune, so it might be Lupe’s tune now, time will tell, oh and yeah I think The Neptunes produced the Horn Synth tune and not just Pharrell because Lupe said months ago that there will be Two Neptunes tracks on the album so Horn Synth is prolly the second one.

Lupe Fiasco – Horn Synth feat. Pharrell (Snippet)

Lupe & Alicia Keys – Love Letter To The Beat (Chad Hugo)

Updated: April 25th
Two New Neptunes Tracks from Lupe’s L.A.S.E.R.S. (Love.Allways.Shines.Everytime. Remember.the Smile.) are lurking around the net, one is called Horn Synth produced by Pharrell and the other one is called Love Letter To The Beat produced by Chad Hugo which is featuring Alicia Keys but that has to be confirmed yet anyways check your favourite blog for the mp3’s or go to the forum. We’ll get a release date for L.A.S.E.R.S. (Love.Allways.Shines.Everytime. Remember.the Smile.) next week according to Lupe himself, are you ready for the Fiasco!?

Lupe Fiasco – L.A.S.E.R.S. (Love.Allways.Shines.Everytime. Remember.the Smile.) (2010)
Producers & Guest: King David (5), The Neptunes (4), Soundtrakk (1), Danjahandz (1), 1500 Or Nothin’(1), Kenna, Candy Pie, Pooh Bear, Kid Cudi…
Confirmed Tracks:
– I’m Beaming (The Neptunes)
– Untitled feat. Krayzie Bone (The Neptunes)
– What U Want feat. Kenna
– Horn Synth feat. Pharrell (Pharrell Williams)
– Love Letter To The Beat (Chad Hugo)

Kenna In The Studio With Kid Cudi

Kenna & Kid Cudi

Christina Aguilera’s ‘Bionic’ Tracklist

Christina Aguilera - Bionic (2010)
Christina Aguilera – Bionic (2010) (June 8th)
01 – Bionic (Intro)
02 – Not Myself Tonight
03 – I Hate Boys
04 – Powerful
05 – Hunger (Interlude)
06 – Sex For Breakfast (Focus & Detail)
07 – Birds of Prey
08 – Kimono Girl
09 – So What You Got
10 – Night Desires feat. Goldfrapp
11 – Monday Morning
12 – Little Dreamer
13 -Listen Up
14 – Lost (Interlude)
15 – You Lost Me feat. Sia
16 – All I Need (Sia Furler)
17 – I Am feat. (Sia Furler)
18 – Glam (Tricky Stewart)
19 – Lift Me Up (Linda Perry)
20 – I Will Never Forget U

– Love For All Seasons (Carl Sturken & Evan Rogers)
– Love Will Find A Way (Carl Sturken & Evan Rogers)



N.E.R.D. & Bill Clinton’s William J. Clinton Foundation (Update)

N.E.R.D. & Bill Clinton

Updated: April 17th

The opening event has been streamed live yesterday, however we might get a chance to see the event later on youtube, in the meantime here are some pictures from the event, thanks to WhyPR.
CGIU Opening Plenary
CGIU Opening Plenary 2
CGIU Opening Plenary 3



N.E.R.D. – Soldier feat. Fam-Lay & Lil’ Wayne (1st Version)

NERD & Santigold 3

This is the First version of N.E.R.D.’s ‘Soldier tune featuring Fam-Lay with a rap verse and Lil’ Wayne on the vocals, although Lil’ Wayne had also a rap verse when they’ve been performing this tune back in 2008. If you asking me, I prefer the OST Final version, a pretty dope skater tune, thanks to bbckid521.

N¤E¤R¤D – Soldier feat. Fam-Lay & Lil’ Wayne (1st Version) (08′)

Brett Domino’s Justin Timberlake Medley

Check out this hilarious performance by Brett Domino redoing JT’s greatest hits such as ‘Like I Love You” with his own instruments(Cow Bell Fellas), just brilliant.

Brent Paschke Working With Alyssa Bernal

Brent Paschke & Chad In Studio
According to Alyssa Bernal’s & Brent Pasche’s (From SpyMob) Twitter, there are about to work together, probably for her new album.

“@brentpaschke Gonna be fun working with you again! We’re all very excited 😀 See you at 5! In San Antonio to work with @alyssabernal.”


Usher & Robin Thicke – Secret Garden

Usher & Robin Thicke
Here is Jermaine Dupri’s Version of Quincy Jones ‘Secret Garden’ with Usher and Robin Thicke, the final version will also feature LL Cool J, Tevin Campbell, Tyrese and Trey Songz on Quincy Jones – Q: Soul Bossa Nostra (2010) (Due Spring).

Usher & Robin Thicke – Secret Garden (JD) (10′)

Big Sean Talking About Meeting Pharrell

pharrell big sean 3 Big Sean has been Interviewed recently by Complex Magazine where he talked about how he met up with Pharrell back in 2007 in Japan with Nigo & Company.

Complex: On the UKNOWBIGSEAN mixtape, Pharrell talked about how you were pretty timid in the studio before you guys got acquainted, but impressed him with your presence on the track. Are people pleasantly surprised when they meet you?
Big Sean: I’m really the most humble, nice person. [Laughs.] My grandma always told me, “Boy, you better act right, because just as fast as you get something, you can lose it twice as fast.” Plus, nobody likes a fucking asshole. That’s the worst shit ever. The boastfulness on my raps is just confidence, it’s not necessarily asshole-ish, I’m not trying to be…well,

I feel like you should be confident in whatever you do, and a lot of my new music [that’s coming out] I want people to judge more so than the music I’ve put out recently, because I feel like it’s really changed a lot. I just always stay honest with myself. All my stuff isn’t boastful, but some of it is. But that’s just the music, the art. When Kobe go on the court, he’ll talk all the shit he want, but when he’s in person, he may be a nice guy, you know?

Complex: Definitely. Speaking a bit more on Pharrell, I remember you had some YouTube videos out of you in the studio with P, and how a friend of yours named his kid after the super producer.
Big Sean: Oh yeah, my boy A-Dub named his son after him.

Complex: That’s a pretty huge statement.
Big Sean: Yeah, definitely.

Complex: Were you a fan of P’s production before you got in the studio with him?

Big Sean: Oh hell yeah! The thing was, I met Pharrell when we were in Japan. Kanye took me to Japan with him right when I signed to Def Jam for the Bathing Ape World Tour that they do over there, so it was N*E*R*D, Kanye, Teriyaki Boyz, Nigo, those guys. I absolutely love BAPE and BBC, so I was excited. I never met Pharrell, Nigo, or none of those guys. So I remember the first time I met them, and I was nervous. P didn’t know who I was at all, but he was like, “What’s up, what’s good,” and the next day after the first show, there was a BAPE photo shoot for their lookbook. Kanye was talking to Nigo and was like “Man, you should let my new artist Big Sean take some pictures.” Nigo heard some of my music because Kanye started playing some of my music, and he was like, “Yeah, I fuck with it. Let’s do it,” so I was in the BAPE lookbook. Pharrell was there too, and Pharrell was talking to Kanye like “Man, who is that kid, what’s up with him?” [Laughs.] Kanye was like, “Aww, nigga, he a BEAST!” He was like, “Aight, Nigo, Teriyaki Boyz, come here. Everybody come in the huddle!” I was like, “What the fuck is he doing?” He’s like, “Spit that shit! Don’t spit no wack shit!” [Laughs.] So I spit my heart out. Pharrell was really into it, and then he started listening to the music because we were playing it there, and he was like, “Man, I wanna work with you on your album! Let me get down with you.” I used to ride to school listening to these guys, so it’s a dream come true.


Big Sean Talking About Meeting Pharrell

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