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April 2010

Chris Brown – Favor feat. Lonny Bereal & Teyana Taylor

Chris Brown Teyana Taylor
Here is a new Chris Brown x Teyana Taylor tune featuring Lonny Bereal.

Chris Brown – Favor feat. Lonny Bereal & Teyana Taylor

Big Sean Did A Song With Pusha T. Called ‘100 Keys’

Big Sean revealed to HipHopAtLunch that he has a tune with Rick Ross and Pusha T. called ‘100 Keys’.

Big Sean x HipHopAtLunch Interview
Part 1:30


Super Street Fighter IV TV Spot

Super Street Fighter IV
It looks like Just Blaze joined Chad Hugo on the Super Street Fighter IV Project, check out this new TV Spot, music by Just Blaze.

Super Street Fighter IV TV Spot


Robin Thicke x Interview

Robin ThickeIt’s safe to say that Robin Thicke is having a good year. The 33-year-old is riding high professionally, with his fourth album, “Sex Therapy,” which peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop albums charts, and personally — he is expecting his first child with his wife, actress Paula Patton. His latest album, to which we gave two and a half stars (out of four), is a departure from his previous work, and showcases his more playful and frisky side with songs such as “Shakin’ It 4 Daddy” and “Meiplé” emphasizing the first three letters of “sexy.”

Thicke, the son of “Growing Pains” TV dad Alan Thicke and singer and soap opera star Gloria Loring, is currently on tour with Alicia Keys, and will play Staples Center on Tuesday. We caught up with Thicke when he called from his Atlanta hotel — he was watching “Crazy Heart” for the first time — to chat about the tour, those comparisons to Justin Timberlake and his inspirations.

LA: The last time fans might have seen you live was on the Beyoncé tour. You co-headlined with Jennifer Hudson, but this is your second big tour. What’s it like going from touring with Beyoncé to now Alicia?
RT: You know, it’s all the “big time” for me. Really, the difference for me is I have two more albums under my belt, and more experience performing. I feel a little more seasoned.

LA: In the past you’ve been very vocal about your struggles in the industry. If someone told you back then about everything that would happen to you career-wise, would you believe it?
RT:Of course. I had a dream, even after the first album didn’t sell millions of records. There is a fine line between being delusional and being positive. I always felt like I was born to make music. I felt like that’s what I was born to do. I’ve always had struggles … I was just waiting on the planets to align.

LA: The new album is a lot of fun, more playful, but also a bit more steamy. What was some of the inspiration behind the direction?
RT: My lady and I are pretty steamy (laughs). It was different than sitting and pondering your future, which is what “Evolution” is about. I felt like having more fun and keeping it light. I had spent so long singing sad songs.


Happy 37th Birthday Pharrell

Pharrell's 37th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Pharrell, Can you believe he is 37? Skateboard P’s friends threw him a surprise Alice In Wonderland-themed party in Miami Beach over the weekend and invited the whole gang including Alice, The Mad Hatter, and The Red Queen according to
Pharrell's 37th Birthday Party 2


Paula Patton Hid Thicke Because He Is White

Robin Thicke & Paula PattonPaula Patton says she used to keep her husband a secret from her friends – because he is white. The actress, who played Gabourey Sidibe‘s teacher in the movie Precious, is married to R’n’B singer Robin Thicke. But Patton – who is half-white herself – says she was too scared to introduce her white boyfriend to her black school friends. ‘When I was in high school I found myself totally enamoured [with] this guy,’ the 34-year-old says. ‘But I didn’t want all my high school friends to know that I’d fallen for a white boy. ‘I didn’t want to be judged by that. So I hid him. I did.’ In fact Patton, now pregnant with the couple’s first baby, missed her high school prom because she didn’t want to invite him. ‘That’s the sad part.

I missed it because I was afraid,’ she says. Patton and Thicke have been together since she was 15 and he was 14 and they met at a teen dance. Now Patton says she has no qualms about telling the world who her husband is – whatever his race. ‘I didn’t choose him because of his colour. I chose him because of his heart and his soul and he makes me laugh. He’s one of the most special human beings I know,’ she says. And when asked about what attracted him to his wife, Thicke, 32, says: ‘It was that big smile. She just had the biggest, brightest smile I’d ever seen.’


Shakira Already Working On New Album With The Neptunes Again

ShakiraYou can expect more collaborations between Shakira and The Neptunes, she has declared how much she loves Pharrell. Shakira claims she works well with Pharrell Williams because they have great chemistry together. That is the reason why they are spending some quality time on the studio again – which will feature a mix of Spanish and English songs – and claims they have the ideal working relationship. She said: Pharrell is really great. We have lots of chemistry together. “I learnt a lot from him when we worked on my last album ‘She Wolf‘.

He’s so fast in the studio, whereas I’m usually so slow. I take so much time on one decision; I go in circles sometimes, whereas he is very immediate.” The 33-year-old singer had originally planned to make the album all in Spanish, but changed her mind when she was overwhelmed by a wave of creativity. She explained: “I’d already written half of this album and it was always the plan to release a Spanish album next. I’ve felt very inspired in the last month, so I went for it. I started writing some material in English, too, which I’m going to use on this album.”

Shakira – 7th Studio Album (2010)
– Untitled


Mike Shinoda – Teletronic (Never Let Me Down) (Alternate Version) (05′)

Kenna & Mike Shinoda
Here is the Alternate Version of Kenna’s Never Let Me Down produced by Mike Shinoda for the Video Music Awards Score in 2005.

Mike Shinoda – Teletronic (Never Let Me Down) (Alternate) (05′)

Yelawolf Talks The Neptunes, Possible N.E.R.D. Tour

Yelawolf has been interviewed by The Press Play Show where he talked about going in the studio with The Neptunes and that he may go on Tour with N.E.R.D. this summer.



N.E.R.D Have Written World Cup Song

Pharrell Williams
has revealed that N.E.R.D. have written a song for this year’s football World Cup in South Africa. The rapper, who is a fan of the game, is hopeful that organisers will select the track for the tournament. “We have submitted a track to FIFA which will hopefully be chosen as the official anthem,” he told The Sun newspaper. “I follow football a little bit – it would be great if it happens.” Williams, who performed a secret gig in London earlier this week, added that he knew David Beckham through his a mutual jeweller. As previously reported on Gigwise, Alicia Keys is among the artists set to perform at a concert to mark the start of this summer’s football World Cup. John Legend, Shakira and The Parlotones will also perform at the Orlando Stadium in Johannesburg on June 10. The 19th FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place from June 11 – July 11 and will mark the first time that the tournament has been hosted by an African nation.


The Neptunes Working With The Monroe Sisters

Pharrell & The Monroe Sisters
The Clique Girlz
(formerly known as Clique) have been in the studio with Pharrell for a special project( Probably for the Despicable Me Project). The Clique Girlz are an American girl group consisting of sisters Destinee and Paris Monroe. In late December-November, 2009 Destinee and Paris Monroe made a Youtube video stating that they were no longer The Clique Girlz. They are choosing to be just Destinee (16) and Paris (14). Destinee & Paris have stated several times in interview and twitter that they are in studio currently working on their debut album as “Destinee & Paris” with their favorite producer, “Red One.” A release date has not been confirmed yet for the album, Thanks to fantastical.
The Monroe Sisters

Alyssa Bernal Q&A On

Fans had the chance to ask random questions to Star Trak recording Artist Alyssa Bernal where she answered to all their questions, check’em out ITS A LOT OF QUESTIONS YALL…

Q: Is your first single on of your covers already put on youtube, or is it a brand new song nobody has heard yet?? by Chilldude23.
A: No one has heard it yet.

Q: Did someone give you the heart neckalace you always wear? just curious!:) by jordanbb1595.
A: My aunt gave me a gift card to James Avery and I bought the charm with it and added the chain :).

Q: When are you going to meet JR? by CatttTrannn.
A: Idk.

Q: Some other country than the States you’ll like to visit some time? by irv.
A: Brazil! And France <3.


Lupe Fiasco’s ‘I’m Beamin” Remix To Feature The Cool Kids

The Cool Kids
According to, Last night, The Cool Kids were at the Record Plant in Los Angeles putting the finishing touches on Lupe’s official remix for “I’m Beaming“. As far as when it’s going to be released? Well, that’s all up to Lu. But the track is finished and apparently ridiculous.


Sergio Veneno x Interview, 2 New Tracks ‘Hey Mami/Be Alright’

Sergio Veneno
Star Trak
recordings artist Sergio Veneno has been recently interviewed by where he talks about his first record deal, his first group from the high school, his La Cura album, Pharrell, The Plague Volume 2 Mixtape and more. How do you get started in the game Sergio?
Sergio Veneno: I started in this rap shit, I been started and doin this for a minute man. I started a rap group called Lost Cause, in high school, my little group, that consisted of me, my production partner, 2 of my best friends, through the process things started givin up, C.L. Smooth, one of my mentors, CL was like ‘Come on V you gotta go solo, you gotta go’, you know what I’m saying? ‘you gotta do what you gotta do – go solo, you sound good’

SS: So where are you from? Are you from Washington Heights?
SV: I was raised in Washington heights but I’m from New Rochelle, NY, up by Yonkers . I went to school in New Rochelle but every weekend I’d be dropped off in the Heights – 160th and Riverside – and a big part of my life was raised out there in the hood. Me and my cousin Jon Doe, Make sure you put that nigga in there.

Sergio Veneno – Hey Mami (10′)

Sergio Veneno – Be Alright (10′)


Alyssa Bernal – Naturally (Selena Gomez Cover)

NASA N.E.R.D. Project Revealed, A BBC Astronaut T-Shirt

This Was Flown For Pharrell
Nasa 2
This item (An Astronaut BBC T-Shirt) flew aboard the United States Space Shuttle, Atlantis, to the International Space Station. Atlantis launched at 2:28 p.m. EST, November 16, 2009, from Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida. At 9:44 a.m. EST, November 27, 2009, Atlantis landed at Kennedy Space Center, Florida after making 171 orbits around the Earth. Atlantis reached a maximum altitude of 221 miles and a maximum speed of 17,500 miles per hour. The flight duration lasted 10 days, 19 hours, 16 minutes, 13 seconds covering a total distance of 4,490,138 miles.

Leland D. Melvin
Mission Specialist 1

Nasa 3



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