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August 2008

Madonna’s Tour Grand Opening

Madonna kicked off her Sticky & Sweet World Tour in all grandeur with a show that featured eight costume changes, $2 million worth of jewellery and a full dance troupe. She began the 49-date trek with an opening concert in Cardiff, Wales on Saturday night and wowed the 40,000 people at the Millennium Stadium by taking to the stage on a giant throne, surrounded by throngs of dancers in top hats. The show was split into four parts and each was followed by video recordings from celebrity pals including Britney Spears, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West. The 50-year-old singer stunned the audience with her still-sexy self and kept her fans happy by performing a mixture of classic hits including Vogue, Borderline, La Isla Bonita and Into The Groove.

Madonna – Get Stupid (Interlude)
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Glow In The Dark European Tour Dates


Common & Pharrell – Announcement (Video)

The Neptunes Audio List Updated !!!

Whats up people
i finally managed to update the whole Neptunes Audio List !
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Pharrell’s Voltron Gets The Hollywood Green Light

Pharrell’s “Voltron” movie gets the Hollywood Green Light When rumors of a potential Voltron Movie hit Hollywood over three years ago, Pharrell Williams jumped at the chance to be involved due to his love for Japanese pop culture (hence BBC’s popularity in Japan). Attached as a producer to the film, Pharrell not only was willing to contribute some money out of his own pocket for the movie, but he wanted to lend his music producing skills to do the music score as well.

After many years of development and negotiations, Voltron The Movie is now a reality. 20th Century Fox and Relativity Media just announced that Voltron has been given the green light and will go into production with a “modest budget” and a look and feel similar to 300. The movie is set for a 2010 release and this will be Pharrell’s first foray into producing a major motion picture.

Omarion Has The Neptunes On New Album

O’s new album is really just getting started. He’s gone from the Sony system, where he spent the first six years of his career, to Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group. The deal was recently finalized. Omarion said he felt the need to change labels because of all the changes that happened at Sony over the past few years. Switches in staffing, he said, affected the proper push of his past few projects. There’s no date yet for the new album, nor have any guest stars been announced. The only other producer being mentioned is Pharrell Williams.

“I asked to be released,” he said of the rumors that Sony dropped him. “A release is different from a drop. When an artist is dropped, usually they haven’t brought any revenue to the company. As you know, I’ve been with that company for a long time, roughly over six years. Throughout B2K and my solo albums, revenue was still brought in. An artist like me could never get dropped. How did I get dropped and I still ended up in a great situation? Usually when you hear ‘drop,’ it means, ‘Oh, he’s over.’ It’s a wrap. It’s unfortunate that stuff like that gets put out there. Everybody likes to associate — especially me being such a cool dude — with negative things. Are you kidding me?”

“We’re just picking each other’s brains to see what can be done differently,” he continued. “My energetic style and aggressiveness when I perform, I don’t think that’s necessarily been captured [for the length of] an album. I always felt like I had joints like ‘Touch,’ even ‘Entourage,’ where it’s upbeat. But it hasn’t been captured in an album. All these crazy new dances, all these different things I wanna do. When I look at my peers in the game, they capture the true essence of who they are. I kinda felt like throughout my career, I had just blots of that.”

Beyoncé Teams Up With The Neptunes On New Album

On top of the hint that was placed by her group mate Kelly Rowland about next year’s possible reunion of Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé has been working on her upcoming third solo effort. She is reportedly working with rapper Kanye West in the album, which is allegedly scheduled to drop with title “Virtuoso Intellect“. Beyoncé has also reportedly included producers Rodney Jerkins, The Neptunes, and The-Dream in a list of her possible collaborators for the album.

Furthermore, her upcoming album is believed to include her song entitled “Beautiful Nightmare” as one of the U.S. Bonus Tracks. The single is supposedly scheduled for release on iTunes on September 12 but has been leaked months before. Beyoncé’s next album is reportedly scheduled for an international full release on November 11 while the domestic edition is set to drop a week later on November 18. Elsewhere, Beyoncé has another project of recording an anthem called “Just Stand Up“. She is going to team up with a dozen of the world’s most accomplished female recording artists, such as Rihanna and Mariah Carey to support a cancer campaign. The single will be available for digital download on September 2.

N¤E¤R¤D’s Fall Tour Dates

N¤E¤R¤D’s Fall Tour Dates Incl. Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour


August 27th – Pepsi 500 Event – Los Angeles, CA


September 9th – Verizon Wireless – Houston TX
September 10th – H.O.B. Dallas, TX
September 12th – Fete de l’Humanite – Paris, France
September 13th – Marquee – Phoenix, AZ
September 14th – Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA
September 15th – Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA
September 16th – The Grove – Anaheim, CA
September 18th – Showbox – Seattle, WA
September 20th – Berkley Comm College – Berkley, CA
September 21st – H.O.B. – Las Vegas, NV
September 23rd – Filmore – Denver, CO
September 25th – Rave Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI
September 26th – Austin City Limits – Austin, TX
September 27th – Foundation – Chicago, IL
September 28th – Filmore – Detroit, MI
September 29th – Kool Haus, The Sound Academy – Toronto
September 30th – Montreal


October 1st – Orpheum – Boston, MA
October 2nd – Factory – Philadelphia, PA
October 3rd – NC State University – Raleigh, NC
October 4th – Roseland – New York, NY
October 5th – Roseland – New York, NY
October 6th – Rams Head – Baltimore, MD
October 9th – Hard Rock – Orlando, FL
October 10th – Filmore – Miami, FL

The Fader Fam-Lay Article

Each Tuesday, FADER editor Matthew Schnipper highlights an underappreciated recent release he thinks we need to know about. This week it’s Fam-Lay “Da Beeper Record” 12-inch. I saw the cutest baby on the subway today. She was in a stroller and she was so little. She was sleeping but would half wake up intermittently, mostly with her eyes still closed, and paw around at her face and tiny blanket. Then she yawned and her mouth moved in a circle. The palms of her hands were pink. She had a lot of hair. She could not have been more than a few weeks old. She was chilling. A while ago, my friend Jessica asked me why everything makes me bummed. It’s a good question. That baby was one hundred percent cool though.

I bet Fam-Lay gets bummed out by everything all the time. Like especially the fact that no one cares about his music even though it’s good. There used to be dozens of copies of the “Rock N Roll” 12-inch at this one store, all a dime apiece. I bought three or four and gave them away. But “Da Beeper Record,” I never saw that until I went to Amoeba in San Francisco a few years ago and they had piles of them for three dollars each. “Catch me on the night shift like the Commodores/ If you about to bullshit what you’d call me for?” My grama is like that, she hates the phone. She is like Fam-Lay, they both work hard and don’t get a lot of recognition, except from their close family (me and Pharrell, respectively).

Sinden made a song out of “Beeper” and then Kid Sister rapped over it. I wonder if he heard that. My grama tutors young immigrant kids. I wonder if she sees them when they get old. I wonder if they ever look at cute babies. My grama has a really small dog named Yasmine. Does Fam-Lay have a cute baby? Or did he keep a copy of the note Pharrell wrote when he promised to make him famous? My grama has a cool Turkish accent. Fam-Lay sounds southern. Fam-Lay sounds like family, my grama is my family. This is bumming me out. Do you think cute babies like rap music? If I was a baby would I be cute? Was I a cute baby? Was Fam-Lay? Was my grama? This is bumming me out. Thanks to Alkashi.

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