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Pusha T.

Pharrell & Tyler The Creator In The Studio With Pusha T




Pharrell Williams At The Maison Européenne Exhibition De La Photographie (January 23) (2019)




Pharrell With Emmanuel Perrotin, Pusha T, Mira Mikati, Sarah Andelman & Mister Yanen

Pharrell With Emmanuel Perrotin

Pharrell With Pusha T
Photo by V. Guinard.

Pharrell With Mira Mikati

Pharrell With Sarah Andelman

Pharrell With Mister Yanen

Pharrell With Lorena Vergani

Pharrell With Lorena Vergani, Mister Yanen & Emmanuel Perrotin

Vashtie With Pharrell

Pusha T Is Working With Pharrell Williams (January 14th)

Pusha T has been in the studio with Pharrell for a unknown project. Judging by the muted video below, Pharrell played him a game changer right there, check it out!


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Pusha T x Forbes Interview, Talks Grammy Nomination & New Album Coming Soon

Bisnoff: How did it feel for Daytona to receive a Grammy nomination for rap album of the year?
Pusha T: It was really super overwhelming, to be honest with you. I’ve been watching the Grammys for so long and I remember being really young and my favorites never were picked. Initially, they weren’t even nominated and then it got to a point where some of my favorites began to get nominated as I got older and then they were boycotting it. Finally, it got to a time where some really great rap artists, Jay-Z, Kanye West, were recognized and now, just recently, I was made aware that there was a new system being implemented in how they even did the rap category. I thought that was really dope and a good effort in trying to make sure the category was strong and representative of the hip-hop community. I get nominated this year and think the category is phenomenal. These are all albums that I have cosigned in some way, shape or form, whether it be on social media or speaking out about them and I’m just glad to be one of them.

Bisnoff: In the long trajectory of your career, how does it feel to finally get this type of recognition?
Pusha T: I love it, it’s super special. I personally can’t think of a rap artist with my content, this direct street-oriented content, something that is just catered to a rap purest, I don’t know when that’s happened for an artist of my caliber. There are so many subgenres of rap today, somebody who does this, I haven’t seen that, I don’t know when I’ve seen this. Not to liken my album to let’s say a Reasonable Doubt, but just in comparison, I feel like artists like myself or Jay-Z or whoever, we never get recognized at our purest form. We mature and then we hit a level of commercial success and then we get recognized when the critical acclaim is always for our first album. Daytona is still in that running for rap purest street music that people are going to be like ‘wow, I didn’t know albums that took this approach would ever get nominated.'” Read more at

Pharrell Williams, Pusha T & Torben Schumacher Discuss How Adidas Became The Global Brand For Creators

Leaning into the allure of achievement, big corporations have been able to capitalize on capturing the attention of millions across the globe who aspire to one day reach the league or land atop the Billboard charts. While Nike personifies the spirit of athletes that aspire to excellence and Apple represents the ethos of innovators making the world more connected.

Adidas stands for creators actively redefining industries and disrupting business models. With a growing roster of notable change-makers such as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, the apparel company aims to represent today’s ambitious era of multi-hyphenates, reflecting an influence that extends beyond a singular segment.

Julian Mitchell: Describe the inspiration behind this year’s ComplexCon activation and why this experience was important to introduce at the conference?
Torben: Our biggest source of inspiration is always our consumer, and the constant feedback we receive about our brand events and experiences. We challenged ourselves to show up at ComplexCon with moments that bridge the gap between cultural icons and their fans, while offering great product through a fully digital shopping experience. In addition to our new design with Pusha T, we worked closely to give local aspiring musicians one-on-one time with him during ComplexCon. As part of the Sound Labs program, those chosen by Pusha T worked to earn a musical development grant.



Kelly Rowland – Street Life feat. Pusha T (DJ Freakiii Edit) (18′)

Since Kelly Rowland dropped her ‘Talk A Good Game‘ album in 2013, and seeing her Live Performance on GMA, I always wanted to Re-Do the drums on one of her Pharrell collaborations ‘Street Life‘, because the drums didn’t really ‘hit you in the back’, I finally had the time.

Kelly Rowland – Street Life feat. Pusha T. (DJ Freakiii Edit) (18′)

Anderson .Paak – Brother’s Keeper feat. Pusha T (Dem Jointz) (18′)

Anderson .Paak just released his third studio album ‘Oxnard’ where he collaborated with Pusha T on the tune ‘Brother’s Keeper’, get it on iTunes and check it out below.

Anderson .Paak – Brother’s Keeper feat. Pusha T (Dem Jointz) (18′)

The Shepherd & The Goat





Swizz Beatz – Cold Blooded feat. Pusha T (18′)

Swizz Beatz just released his new album ‘Poison’ that features a Pusha T collaboration on the tune ‘Cold Blooded’, check out the tune below and make sure to cop the album on iTunes.

Swizz Beatz – Cold Blooded feat. Pusha T (18′)

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