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Pusha T.

Adidas Originals x Pusha T, Trippin In Barcelona

OTHERtone Episode 53 With The Neptunes, Teddy Riley, Pusha T & Timbaland (Video)

Here is finally OTHERtone Episode 53 with The Neptunes, Teddy Riley, Pusha T and Timbaland, check out the video below and get the whole show on iTunes!

OTHERtone Episode 53 With The Neptunes, Scott Vener, Pusha T & Timbaland

Photos by R. Ostermaier. OTHERtone came to Virginia Beach with a panel featuring The Neptunes, Teddy Riley, Timbaland, and Pusha T. Pharrell Williams talked about the importance of bringing the Something In The Water Festival to Virginia Beach. “Black students did not come here to cause trouble, and we still want the HBCUs to come here. It’s not just music, it’s business, the community, the religious leaders, and it’s an inspiration. Music is the thread that connects it all. How long does a horse looks at itself in the water and sees itself and sees its strengths? This is VA and it’s time. The world is gonna see VA for the first time.”

Teddy Riley was an inspiration for Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo who both attended Princess Anne High School just a few blocks away from Teddy Riley’s recording studio. Pharrell says, “Teddy Riley was the guy that brought Micheal Jackson to Virginia. The biggest change in the industry is independence. Today any person can go online and express themselves. I enjoy the independence of putting stuff online and it goes to the masses.”  said Pharrell. “I knew The Neptunes were so far ahead of their time it’s like they were on Mars. You have a sound, you have to name it. After you create a sound give it a name so you can have a genre to self. If you don’t look like your music, it won’t connect.” says Teddy Riley.

When each of the artists was asked by Scott Vener, about new Virginia-based artists that impress them, Timbaland adds “Young Crazy has some good music out there”. Timbaland also added that when it comes to visual art in music, he doesn’t see the design, he only sees colors. Michael Chad and Pretty Boy are VA-based artists that Teddy Riley likes. Chad Hugo replied he wasn’t certain, and instead asked the crowd directly if there was anyone present worth listening to — allowing the crowd to shoot their shot and audition in front of the panel.

The experience became an incredibly engaging moment for attendees who had the opportunity to sing and rap in front of these incredibly successful musical tastemakers. One audience member had a demo reel of her work as a producer on a USB and offered it up for a listen and Timbaland took the USB and placed it in his pocket. Teddy Riley says, “Pharrell is the new chapter” when it comes to the evolution of how the music industry is changing. That certainly rings true to what Pharrell has done with SITW. Independent artists don’t have to travel to New York or Los Angeles to “make it big”, instead they can be inspired by the stories shared by these local powerhouses to make it on their own right in their backyard.




OTHERtone Update The Neptunes & Timbaland

Timbaland With The Neptunes & Jon Platt


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Palmolive feat. Pusha T & Killer Mike (19′)

Pusha T – Sociopath (Audio) (18′)

A ‘Daytona’ leftover leaked today on the net titled ‘Sociopath’ produced by Kanye West, check it out below.

Pusha T – Sociopath (18′)

Pusha T Teases New Music (February 13)

Pusha T is getting his fans hyped for new music. Apple Music’s Zane Lowe spoke to the 41-year-old rapper at the 2019 GRAMMYs on Sunday, where he talked about the follow-up to his critically acclaimed album, Daytona. “I’m definitely working on new music for sure right now. New album,” Pusha says. “I can’t say when it’s coming but it’s going to be amazing, trust me.” Pusha was cryptic on whether his new album will have just seven songs like Daytona. “It may or may not be,” he says. “I don’t know, depends on how perfect it is. This was perfect. This was seven songs, Daytona, perfect.” He has been spotted with Pharrell in the studio recently, stay tuned for more info.


What Pharrell Taught Pusha T

Pharrell-Williams-and-Pusha-T-fddsThe best feeling, bar none, is winning by being yourself. That’s the lesson Pharrell taught Pusha T when the pair first met when Push was only a teenager. “What people don’t know is, Pharrell has always been fashion-forward,” Push said in a new interview with Grailed. “When I met him, he was local. He wasn’t in the game, he wasn’t making money. We were riding our bikes through the streets type shit. Still, he was always fashion forward.

“When we started playing with the idea of doing music, I was just learning from him. He always said, ‘Man, be a risk taker, number one, but also be identifiable. Have your style be identifiable and separate yourself.’ “I used to look at him and say, ‘Wow, this guy is way out there. What can I do to be just as noticed, but just make it my own?’ He taught me balance, and he taught me how to determine what was hot, because I wasn’t worried about being forward, necessarily.”

The takeaway here is that you are best off being yourself—distinctly yourself—and the world will eventually catch up and want to ride your wave. As we’ve discussed previously, novelty and personality are king in the rap game. Find your niche, create your character, and play your role with authenticity.


Pharrell & Tyler The Creator In The Studio With Pusha T




Pharrell Williams At The Maison Européenne Exhibition De La Photographie (January 23) (2019)




Pharrell With Emmanuel Perrotin, Pusha T, Mira Mikati, Sarah Andelman & Mister Yanen

Pharrell With Emmanuel Perrotin

Pharrell With Pusha T
Photo by V. Guinard.

Pharrell With Mira Mikati

Pharrell With Sarah Andelman

Pharrell With Mister Yanen

Pharrell With Lorena Vergani

Pharrell With Lorena Vergani, Mister Yanen & Emmanuel Perrotin

Vashtie With Pharrell

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