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Daniel Arsham Talks Working With Pharrell On ‘Rules Of The Game’

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Though not a direct adaptation, the production on Rules Of The Game is a different beast entirely. is based on Luigi Pirandello’s 1921 absurdist play Six Characters in Search of an Author and combines Arsham’s explosive visuals and design with Pharrell’s music (as played by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra) and dancers choreographed by Bokaer. If it sounds like grueling work to get three distinct creative visions to work cohesively in one production, that’s because it was: “We’ve worked on this a very long time so we’ve had the time to experiment to see what might work and what won’t,” says Arsham.

Arsham notes that Pharrell created an entire demo album worth of music that was then edited down to be converted to an orchestra by composer David Campbell, and that getting his visuals to succinctly match Bokaer’s choreography were only some of the difficulties faced when putting the production together. He added that the team would be working on the project until it premieres (which as of now, it has). He was very happy with how the production was turning out. “Anyone who knows Pharrell’s work and music will identify this as Pharrell but at the same time it’s very different from pop music,” says Arsham.

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Arsham first met Pharrell Williams when he went back to Miami after graduating Cooper Union. As he remembers it, he already considered Pharrell to be famous with The Neptunes already being a production team at the tip of the entire music industry’s tongue. But Pharrell wasn’t yet a household name, and a friendship and creative camaraderie started developing between the two. But it wasn’t until Arsham created molds of the Casio MT-50 keyboard that Williams began recording music with that an official collaborative relationship was born.


Drake – Still Here (Christian Rich Rework) (16′)

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#OTHERtone E21 With Pharrell Williams, Scott Vener & Michael B. Jordan (2016)

13150810 1700108356874777 1175440312 nOn this weeks episode on #OTHERtone, Pharrell & Scott sat down with actor Michael B. Jordan to talk about his career, on his role in Black Panther and more, check it out now on iTunes.

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Mixtapes vs poems: @michaelbjordan @Pharrell & @brokemogul discuss on #OTHERtone today at 12pm #Beats1

A video posted by i am OTHER (@i_am_other) on


adidas Originals = Pharrell Williams | Pink Beach – Nice Kicks LA

Pharrell Williams x Interview, Talks Working With Adidas

pharrell 2 1200x800By Alec Banks. The scene at The Lot studios in West Hollywood, CA is rather subdued as adidas employees put the finishing touches on the party space to celebrate the launch of the second drop of their Pink Beach collection with Pharrell Williams. Glassware is polished. Burly security guards are jokingly thanked for being so big so that their hulking frames can hide tiny aesthetic faults on the periphery that can only be noticed by someone who knows that they are there.

Some people even have booties over their shoes so as not to track in any dirt on the white floor. The entire scene is set off by a radiating, pink glow and thick, puffy clouds overhead. It feels like you’ve stepped onto the set of a Sin City sequel and producers are still trying to decide what needs to be real, and what will be filled in later with after effects. In a few hours, casting would be completed with appearances by the likes of A$AP Rocky, Big Sean, DJ Khaled and Tyler, The Creator.

pharrell 1 960x640Pharrell Williams steps out of a black SUV around 8:30 PM and takes a moment to bask in the atmosphere before he is ushered to a faux-beach area where white chairs and a beach ball sit below a neon Trefoil logo. He’s dressed in a blue cap and navy hoodie from Cactus Plant Flea Market and a pair of the slip-ons from the collection which are already sold out worldwide. Williams jokes with members of the adidas team and is playful as he commandeers one of their cellphones to make the inaugural post on adidas’ Snapchat channel. Unlike other major celebrities, his team of handlers aren’t glued to his hip. He’s effortlessly cool and he’s careful with the words that he chooses; a publicist’s dream.



Pharrell Williams – Rules Of The Game (Preview), Due May 17th

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A one-night-only event, “Rules Of The Game” is a multidisciplinary work for eight dancers and represents the largest collaboration between Jonah Bokaer (choreography) and Daniel Arsham (scenography) and their first partnership with Pharrell Williams (score), collectively. The music composed by pop star and multi-GRAMMY® Award-winner Williams represents his first composition for live dance and theater. The Dallas Symphony Orchestra will perform live at the premiere, following a three-part creation residency in Dallas for the artists – which has included the casting of one local dancer, check out the preview of the show below.


MOBO UnSung Presents… Nana Rogues

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MOBO UnSung connected the producer of the moment and forum member Nana Rogues (credits; Tinie Tempah & Section Boyz) with two members of the UnSung class, Geovarn & Basheba, for two very special studio sessions! Click play and take a look at what happened below.


Pharrell Williams – Frontin’ (Ekany Remix) (16’)

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The Evolution of The Neptunes

Our top dynamic duo are instantly recognisable from everything that they have done in recent years but they’ve been through many changes in their history. We can easily see the ripple effect that they’ve had on music but their own story is equally as interesting.

They started out way back in the early 90’s before Pharrell was really a household name. Back then, producers like Adrian Sherwood and Quincy Jones were dominating the music scene. A variety of things have changed since the 90’s and technology has made things much more achievable than ever before. Even new casino games that listed in this directory are a lot different from old ones, which this duo are reputed to be big fans of. Technology inspired music can be found all over the internet, from casino sites to the likes of Porter Robinson and this is a huge part of what makes The Neptunes so appealing.


Their big break really came with the production of the Superthug single by N.O.R.E, which established the group on the scene. Prior to this they had worked on a number of production projects under the name, but none had garnered quite so much media attention. At this point, Pharrell was already the more recognisable of the two, as he had made guest spots like Rump Shaker.

The first artist that they produced a whole album with was, of course, Kelis. She worked with them on the Kaleidoscope album which would go on to gain a gold record in the UK. At this point, they were forced to work increasingly hard on maintaining their unique style in a sea of producers that wanted to copy them. They were doing well commercially with their partnership with Jay-Z but it was time to take it to the next level.


In 2001 they were selected to produce the Britney Spears single I’m A Slave 4 U, which reached number 1 in various countries. This was their first time making it to number 1 and as their fame grew they began to feature on more and more tracks. With their work on Nelly’s Hot in Herre they scored another number 1 hit and the awards for their work with other artists started flowing in.

The 00’s are really where we see The Neptunes change their reputation from solely working on hip hop tracks to becoming the producers of pop. Their singles like Milkshake and Hollaback Girl would become their bread and butter, all with their distinctive production sound.

YouTube Preview Image

Even the mention of these songs will cast your mind back to their catchy nature, which is what brought The Neptunes to the fore. Since then it’s been hit after hit for the team and their sound is now more refined and exciting than ever.

Pharrell Williams x Interview, Talks Adidas & Street Style

rexfeatures 5683971kBy Kari Hamanaka. It may have been the pink hue that tinged the sound stage at The Lot studios in West Hollywood, or perhaps it was the puffy faux clouds that hung from the ceiling, but the dreamy setting seemed just the right one for Pharrell Williams to get deep on where he drew inspiration for his collaboration with Adidas and life in general.

The Grammy-award winning music artist, producer and designer — whose name has been linked with Karl Lagerfeld, Comme Des Garçons, Moncler and Colette — was on set Friday night at the site of his and Adidas’ launch event to talk the second drop of his Adidas Originals = Pharrell Williams Pink Beach collection.

The first iteration became available earlier this month. The second drop for spring presented a fuller range for men and women along with children’s versions. Friday’s event was also linked to a Snapchat takeover by Williams and a retail pop-up at Nice Kicks in downtown Los Angeles that runs through Sunday. It all started in 2014 when Adidas sent Williams leather versions of its classic Firebird jacket. He doodled. The drawings were then embroidered onto the jackets, which became the inspiration behind Pink Beach.



Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body/Can’t Stop The Feeling (Live At The Eurovision) (2016)

Pharrell’s ‘Pink Beach’ Party

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Big Sean, Pharrell & Tyler, The Creator
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Pharrell With A$AP Rocky
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Pharrell With Big Sean
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Pharrell With Alyssa Bernal
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A$AP Rocky


Tyler, The Creator
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Pharrell With DJ Khaled
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Pharrell With Samantha Ronson
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14 Years Ago, Clipse Released ‘Grindin’

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Justin Timberlake Confirms The Neptunes On New Album

Justin Timberlake
sat down with BBC Radio 1Xtra with Twin B and Yasmin Evanswhere where he talked about fatherhood working with Pharrell (The Neptunes), Timbaland and The Weeknd, check it out below.

Wale In The Studio With Pharrell

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Eric Bellinger & Pharrell

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Pharrell & Trent Reznor Of Nine Inch Nails (2001)

Pharrell and Trent Reznor vbb


Pharrell & Skepta

Pharrell Skepta gfgf
Make sure to cop Skepta’s new album ‘Konnichiwa’ including the Pharrell collaboration ‘Numbers’ now on iTunes.

In The Studio With Skepta gdffdg

Skepta – Numbers feat. Pharrell (16′)


Nigo, Pharrell & Swizz Beatz

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Pharrell’s ‘Pink Beach’ Collaboration With Adidas (Update)

adidas x Pharell PINK BEACH logo

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas originals pharrell williams ss16 pink bea

adidas pharell 1

adidas pharell 2

adidas pharell 3

adidas pharell 4

adidas pharell 5

pharell shoes 1

pharell shoes 2

pharell shoes 3

pharell shoes 4

Pharell Adidas CA

Pharrell Williams x adidas 52

Pharrell Williams x adidas 13

Pharrell Williams x adidas 23

Pharrell Williams x adidas 33

Pharrell Williams x adidas 43

Pharrell Williams x adidas 63

Pharrell Williams x adidas1


Posted: May 7th





Pharrell Williams x adidas

Pharrell Williams x adidas 32 681x454


Posted: May 5th.
pharrell williams adidas palm beach 01

pharrell williams adidas palm beach 02

pharrell williams adidas palm beach 03

pharrell williams adidas palm beach 04

Pharrell Williams x adidas 4 681x323

Pharrell Williams x adidas 21

Pharrell Williams x adidas 5

Pharrell Williams x adidas 61


Posted: May 3rd
Pharrell Williams is coming for Kanye’s Yeezy Boost sales with his new collection for Adidas Originals this spring. The collab, titled Pink Beach, is inspired by the magic of island culture. And one look at the campaign images will reveal just how strong Pharrell’s creative vision can be. A limited-edition collection launches on May 5th with a Consortium+ range of vibrant, graphic-heavy items, like an olive green shirt and short set.

An embroidered sport jacket will also be available that day and will include the code “528HZ” written across the back — a frequency believed to create healing vibrations for the mind, body, and spirit. The range will expand on May 12th with a complete wardrobe for adults and kids. Expect plenty of bikinis, tanks, tees, culottes, shorts, and leggings. There will even be what Adidas is calling an “Artist Poncho” fashioned from water-resistant laminated mesh emblazoned with the iconic adidas three-stripe motif.

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But an Adidas collaboration is nothing without the sneakers. Pharrell designed two distinct pairs for Pink Beach, an Elastic Slip On and an Elastic Lace Up that come in a crisp white and a multicolored stripe option. If this is anything like Pharrell’s last collection with Adidas, then it’s sure to be a success. In 2015, the brand announced that it had sold 15 million pairs of the rapper’s Supercolor Adidas — the brand’s original Superstar sneakers re-created in 50 vibrant shades. You’ll be able to buy Pink Beach items at Adidas Originals and Billionaire Boys Club’s flagship stores, online, and in select retailers globally.

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OTHERtone Episode 21 With Michael B. Jordan This Sunday

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Happy Birthday To

hghgf gfhfghEve and her site are celebrating their 12th birthday, congratulates and toasts for the best Neptunes Site out there for another 12 amazing years with you guys, have a good one !


A. Ros – All I Wanted feat. Pusha T. (16′)

A. Ros – All I Wanted feat. Pusha T. (16′)

Pharrell Teams With Complex For Cultural Festival

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By Todd Spangler. Pharrell Williams has signed on to help create the inaugural ComplexCon, a two-day festival from media company Complex covering pop culture, music, art, food and more set to debut this fall. Pharrell will work both in front of and behind the scenes as cultural director and host committee chair for the event, under a deal Complex inked with the singer-rapper-producer and his creative venture, i am OTHER. ComplexCon will take place Nov. 5-6, 2016, in Long Beach, Calif., at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center.

Mac Ecko, the fashion designer who founded Complex in 2002 and serves as its chief brand officer, said the concept for the event is to couple “the intellectual discovery environment” of South by Southwest with the party atmosphere of a festival like Coachella. “I’m inspired by a myriad of different events I’ve had the fortune of being a part of, whether they’ve focused on art, design, music, food or science,” Pharrell, who is also a judge on NBC’s “The Voice,” said in a statement. “When i am OTHER connected with Marc Ecko and the Complex team, we were instantly aligned — we wanted to combine a little bit of all these elements and create a unique, new initiative.”

Poster By Takashi Murakami
Complex, which caters to a millennial-male audience and claims to have 57 million unique monthly visitors online, was acquired last month by Hearst and Verizon Communications. ComplexCon will feature concert performances, shopping, art exhibits, food and discussion panels (dubbed “Complex Conversations”). “It’s really about bringing our brand to life,” said Ecko. “We really wanted to make something different that wasn’t just another music festival.” The event was deliberately scheduled outside the summer music-fest circuit, while Ecko also hopes the early-November timing will let it take advantage of brand promotions tied to the holiday-shopping season.



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