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Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi Says He ‘Doesn’t Know’ If Pharrell Will Ever Work With Him Again

Kid Cudi has been plenty outspoken about his struggles. He’s variously battled critics, depression, and, at times, Kanye West. But now, as he re-emerges with a new creative optimism, the 34-year-old is blissfully focused on something much more dynamic: his future. Kid Cudi is hip-hop’s Peter Pan. As a founding father of alternative hip-hop, Cudi was the sad-boy antihero to André 3000’s Rapunzel wig and kilt. Hip-hop’s Cobain, so to speak. These days the 34-year-old Lost Boy’s demeanor straddles the line between cool kid and loner stoner.

Cudi revealed to GQ also that he ‘doesn’t know’ if Pharrell will ever work with him again. Cudi even smiles when he’s clearly bummed—as when we talk about his 2016 album, Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin‘, and, in particular, the song “Surfin’,” produced by Pharrell. “I don’t know if Pharrell will work with me again, because those songs didn’t do what they were supposed to do,” he says with a grin. “The label didn’t do the right thing.” If you missed that album, it’s worth a listen now. It’s Cudi at his best: moody wailing, occasional grooves, and post-bender realizations. And if not for that reason, then to help get Pharrell to work with Cudi again.


Street Reactions In Hollywood Of Pharrell & Kid Cudi’s ‘By Design’

The guys from ‘Is My Shit Tight?’ helped gather feedback for Kid Cudi’s new single “By Design” featuring André 3000 from his new album “Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin‘”, make sure to cop it now on iTunes. Watch the reactions of a few people in Hollywood as they listen to the song for the first time and share their opinions.

Kid Cudi – By Design feat. André 3000 (16′)

Kid Cudi – Surfin’ (Official Video) (2016)

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Here is the Official Video to Kid Cudi’s new single titled ‘Surfin‘ directed by Scott Mescudi and produced by Pharrell, check out the video below and make sure to cop the single on iTunes .

Kid Cudi – Surfin’ (Official Video) (2016)

Kid Cudi Releases Pharrell Collabo ‘Surfin’, Reveals Tracklist

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Kid Cudi couldn’t release his upcoming album Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ yesterday as hoped, allegedly due to “some minor sample clearances” that forced his team to miss their release deadline. In his album’s place, please accept these two songs to tide you over. Cudi’s “Surfin‘” features Pharrell Williams, as if you wouldn’t immediately recognize Pharrell in that sunny, upbeat electronic brass.

Kid Cudi also took to Twitter to reveal a tentative tracklist for what appears to be his upcoming album called Passion, Pain & Demon with another Pharrell collaboration on the tune ‘Flight At First/Advanced‘ which will be out in the near future with other contributions by Andre 3000, Travis Scott, Willow Smith, make sure to cop ‘Surfin’ on iTunes and check it out below.

Kid Cudi – Surfin’ (P. Williams) (16′)

KiD CuDi Debuts Pharrell Collaboration ‘Sonic Candy’ At Trillectro 2016

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According to Forum Member Reggie Volume, Kid CuDi performed his Pharrell collaboration at this years Trillectro Festival in DC, Maryland. The track is apparently called ‘Sonic Candy’ and will probably be on his new album. Here is how Reggie have been told about the track. “a producer homie of mine by the name of Tokyo Trendz hit my phone with a text that said, “Bruh kid cudi premiered a new unreleased song off his album produced by pharrell and its fucking amazing!!!! I’m in tears right now. 😭”. He told me that the record is called “Sonic Candy. We pretty much can not wait for the studio version of this! Check out Kid CuDi’s performance below.

OTHERtone Episode 24 With Kid CuDi (2016)

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Make sure to cop the episode on Beats 1 Radio.

#OTHERtone Episode 24 With Kid CuDi This Sunday

Don’t miss the new #OTHERtone Episode with Kid CuDi this Sunday where he talks about working for his dream job at the BAPE store, family issues, drug use, and more.

Kid CuDi Is Working With Pharrell

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According to Kid Cudi’s Twitter, Pharrell has just been in the studio with him to work on some new material. Kid Cudi previously worked with Chad Hugo on ‘Capcom’ featuring. Kenna from 2009 and on Shakira’s ‘Did It Again’ (Remix) produced by Pharrell the same year, stay tuned for more information.

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Kid Cudi – Capcom feat. Kenna (09′)

Shakira – Did It Again feat. Kid Cudi (Remix) (09′)

KiD CuDi To Guest On The Next OTHERtone Episode

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